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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What We Discovered This Week!

This week we learned all about the letter X, the number 7 and the shape Octagon. We also talked about Community Helpers, with a special emphasis on Mail Carriers, Police Officers, Doctors, Dentists, and Firemen.
We played "Stop and Go" and "Red Light, Green Light" and snacked on graham cracker/frosting/M&M stoplights. We made X art and discovered how to make music with a water xylophone. Thanks to M's mom for supplying the jars!

The letter X is very tricky! The proper sound to teach to preschoolers is the "ks" sound made at the end of words like box and fox, but X also makes the X sound like in x-ray, and of course the number one picture in every children's book shows it making the Zzzz sound in Xylophone. So in preschool, while I point out all three sounds, my main focus is to teach them the "ks" sound. We've spent all year learning to listen to sounds at the beginning of words, learning how to listen for the sound at the end of a word takes some practice. It's been different, but everyone seemed to catch on really quickly this week.

We practiced writing letters, putting them into envelopes and stamping them. Then we pretended to be mail carriers, taking mail out of mailboxes, to the post office, and then bringing new mail back to the mailboxes. We talked about how the weather doesn't stop the mail; even when it's raining and snowing the mail carriers still bring us our mail. Hopefully everyone received their letters, (I sent them out on Monday) and got a chance to see their mailboxes in action!

We had a visit from Sheriff Dave this week. He showed us some of his special tools; handcuffs, radio, taser, pepper spray, and his police car with flashing lights and siren. Thanks so much to S's mom and dad for setting that up! We discovered our fingerprints, and examined them under the magnifying glasses and learned that everyone's fingerprints are different.

We talked about Doctors and Dentists, and we got to see some real X-rays. We made bone print art and played with the Dr. toys during playtime and even took turns dressing up as the Doctor when we acted out the song "3 Little Monkeys". We played with the "Dr. Office Shadow Matching", and "Band-aid Number Match" cards, and played Doctor to the stuffed animals in our classroom while learning that animal doctors are called Vets.

Our field trip on Friday to the fire station was so much fun and I'm glad so many of you were able to come with us!

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